Refurbed is the leading European marketplace for buying and selling refurbished electronics. The company represents an exceptional example of building a business around a strong, sustainable vision. Refurbed leads the way in transforming consumption habits while significantly decreasing CO2 emissions and electronic waste, with a vision to bring refurbished goods to all European households and set a new standard for electronic goods.

Why we invested in Refurbed?

  • Strong impact-driven business model
  • Leading market position in Central Europe
  • Exceptional growth metrics over past two years
  • Highly capable team with go-to attitude




  • Founded 2017
  • Partnered 2020
  • Growth Partner Kim Väisänen

ESG Initiatives

  • Carbon neutrality by cutting 70% electronics emissions and offsetting the rest
  • Office and data centers run on renewable energy
  • Circular economy model drastically cutting raw materials and electronic waste
  • High diversity and training of employees