Preply is the leading global marketplace for 1-1 online language learning with +40K tutors and +200K active learners. Thanks to Preply’s matching algorithm the company connects the best tutors with students anywhere, anytime. Preply’s target is to make learning effective, data-driven and personalized. The Company’s mission is strongly impact-driven: offering access to affordable learning, while providing job opportunities no matter the background or location. In our view, Preply’s success is strongly tied to its talented, global team and the unique offering, showing strong traction and growth.

Why we invested in Preply?

  • Exceptionally talented founders and management team, backed by strong international investors
  • Leading e-learning marketplace with the largest and most diverse supply offering
  • Rocketing growth and exceptional marketplace performance
  • High social impact on both sides of the marketplace 



  • Founded 2013
  • Partnered 2021
  • Growth Partner Mikael Hed

ESG Initiatives

  • Impact-driven mission to provide equal job opportunities no matter the education, profession or location
  • Working towards accessibility towards affordable education all around the world
  • High focus on diversity and inclusion across the organization and whole marketplace