Perlego is the leading academic e-book subscription service offering close to one million titles in its online library. On top of the library, the platform also has a comprehensive study tool that students can utilize to learn – whether on their laptops or mobile phones. The target of the company is to make educational, objective and science backed content accessible to all. By offering a wide range of textbooks for a fair price, students can finally utilize all the study materials for a fraction of the price compared to physical books. With a strong and mission-driven team, we firmly believe that Perlego can continue building on their success.

Why we invested in Perlego?

  • Exceptional, mission-driven founders and management team
  • Solves a big problem for both students and academic textbook publishers
  • Excellent product: the leading academic e-book subscription service and a comprehensive study tool that students love
  • Sky-high growth both in terms of subscribers and publishers providing their content


  • Founded 2017
  • Partnered 2022
  • Growth Partner Riku Asikainen

ESG Initiatives

  • Impact-driven mission to provide access to affordable learning materials and educational tools
  • High focus on diversity and inclusion across the organization
  • Positive environmental impact through the usage of digital textbooks