Laserhub is one of Europe’s leading B2B marketplaces for customized metal parts with small and medium series demand. The company has steadily doubled its sales last year while having over 7500 customers from five countries. The marketplace and tool significantly streamlines procurement processes for buyers and customer acquisition processes for suppliers, allowing both parties to focus on what they do best. Because of these advantages, Laserhub is extremely well-liked by its customers. Laserhub’s goal is to become the champion of Europe and serve customers across the continent. With its strong traction combined with great founders and a strong management team, and we fully believe that Laserhub has what it takes to continue growing rapidly.

Why we invested in Laserhub?

  • Extremely diligent founders with superb founder-market fit
  • Beloved product which both sides of the marketplace like
  • Big market that still has room to be digitized
  • Solid growth despite challenging market conditions


  • Founded 2017
  • Partnered 2022
  • Growth Partner Ari Korhonen

ESG Initiatives

  • Matching orders to suppliers who use as little waste as possible
  • High focus on diversity and inclusion across the organization
  • Maintaining the high level of employee satisfaction and company culture
  • Supporting smaller businesses with resilient and broad supply chains