Happeo is helping fast growing companies to handle their information chaos through a modern intranet. The user experience and interface of Happeo is excellent, which is extremely vital as employees today work with an increased number of applications. Happeo’s goal is to help employees in the new normal of remote work to find the information they need to succeed. Happeo currently serves over 350 clients all over the globe, which is a testament to the solution. A great tool combined with a strong team capable of execution has all the ingredients to continue growing.

Why we invested in Happeo?

  • Knowledgeable and driven founders who know the market like their own pockets
  • A product which users stick to and genuinely enjoy using
  • Huge market with room for a modern player


  • Founded 2016
  • Partnered 2022
  • Growth Partner Mikko Kuitunen

ESG Initiatives

  • Improving employees wellbeing by providing easy access to company-wide information
  • Providing a solution that improves communication for a remote work set-up, thus decreasing the need to meet in person and fly
  • Increased focus on maintaining a high company culture and employee wellbeing