Acast is the world’s leading podcast platform, with a vision to bring high-quality audio content available to everyone, everywhere, and at any time. The company empowers content creators to get a fair compensation from their work by connecting them with advertisers and listeners with their effective platform.

Speech radio is one of the last consumer entertainment sectors yet to be digitalized. However, podcasts are rapidly changing the way media is consumed; they enable self-development and entertainment in a highly engaging way. This creates various opportunities for content creators, entrepreneurs and advertisers. Acast gives them tools to effectively leverage this old-but-new media and, eventually, disrupt the radio.

Why we invested in Acast?

  • Opportunity to become a global category-leader in a rapidly growing market
  • Strong value proposition to a large addressable market
  • Top notch international growth
  • Strong presence in the US and UK markets
  • Experienced and international team




  • Founded 2014
  • Partnered 2019
  • Growth Partner Riku Asikainen

ESG Initiatives

  • Responsible, high support employer
  • Empowering fair compensation and conditions
  •  Working towards worldwide access to audio content