Entrepreneurs helping entrepreneurs

The right people to help entrepreneurs are entrepreneurs alike. With previous experience from +150 companies as founders, executives or investors, we have seen several ways to succeed and fail. We want to share our experience with you in growing enduring businesses.

Riku Asikainen

Managing Partner

Mikael Hed

Growth Partner

Mikko Kuitunen

Growth Partner

Kim Väisänen

Growth Partner

Ari Korhonen

Growth Partner

Tero Tuominen


Aleksi Löytynoja

Investment Manager

Petra Tammisto

Investment Manager & Head of Sustainability

Jere Blomqvist


Advisors across industries

We have gathered a group of industry experts to support you even further in the ups and downs. Ranging from software, hardware, e-comm, cleantech and beyond, we’re here to help.


Ainomaija Haarla

  • Board professional with 12 BoD and 4 advisory roles, 13 years in PE actively involved with 17 startups
  • Industry expertise: Biotech, food & health, energy, higher education

Ari-Pekka Salovaara

  • Founder of 2 SaaS companies, 10 BoD roles, currently Segment Director at Visma
  • Industry expertise: SaaS, cloud software

Ingmar Björkman

  • Professor and Dean at Aalto University, where he served as dean of the School of Business 2012-2019
  • Industry expertise: Management issues in international organizations

Juha-Matti Liukkonen

  • Director of Space & Technologies at Reaktor
  • Industry expertise: New technologies, sustainable solutions

Juho Loippo

  • CEO at Loipposet Oy, a Finnish cleantech-focused investment company
  • Industry expertise: Paper & process industries, cleantech

Marine Antikainen

  • Co-founder and first CEO of Galton Voysey
  • Industry expertise: E-commerce, D2C, digital marketing and branding

Philippe Guy

  • Senior Partner Emeritus Alumnus at BCG, 33+ years experience
  • Industry expertise: Healthcare, medtech, biotech

Rajeev Suri

  • Senior Advisor Warburg Pincus and Apollo Global Management, former CEO of Nokia and Nokia Siemens Networks
  • Industry expertise: Deep tech, enterprise software, telecom, cloud, analytics

Risto Enbuska

  • 25+ years in leading tech organizations, currently several investor and advisor roles
  • Industry expertise: Life Sciences

Ville Solja

  • CDBO, MOB and part-owner of Kiilto
  • Industry expertise: Sustainable business models






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