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As a fund, we are a combination of serial entrepreneurs and a strong pool of private capital. We know what it’s like to be in your shoes and, therefore, can help you through the ups and downs.

The support we offer you consists of the help from our Growth Partners and the backing from our partner Evli Bank, one of the biggest asset managers in Finland.


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Growth Partners

Our Growth Partners are the go-to people when you are looking for advice from a serial entrepreneur. We believe there are three things you as a founder should focus on: people, sales, and product. With their combined experience, our partners are the right people to support you.


Who we are

  • Serial entrepreneurs with +10 founded companies
  • Investors with +25 exits and +15 bankruptcies
  • Curious people with never-ending hunger for learning

Partnership with Evli Bank

Evli Growth Partners is founded in partnership with Evli Bank, a listed boutique bank and one of the biggest asset managers in Finland. The bank has around €15 bn of assets under management (as of Q2 2021) and they possess wide experience from operating in the global capital markets. The assets of our fund come from Evli’s clients.

Together with the bank, we are well resourced to help you with the operational and financing issues you may face in the future. Then, you can focus on what really matters: people. sales, and product.

More information about Evli Bank from here.

Evli Growth Partners

About the fund

We are building a funding program of 200 M€, consisting of four vintage funds. Our first fund was started in the end of 2018 and closed in November 2019 at the size of 60 M€. We follow the principles of Invest Europe and International Private Equity & Venture Capital Valuation (IPEV) guidelines in the reporting and valuation of our fund.

Evli Growth Partners is a member of Finnish Venture Capital Association (FVCA) and follows their guidelines to promote openness and transparency in the private equity and venture capital field.

More about our approach

01 Growth Equity

Our investment approach

We invest in fast-growing European companies across sectors.

We like companies which have proven their unit economics and scalability, already have a few million euros of revenue, and have founders who are exceptionally capable of execution.

We usually invest initially 5-10 M€ in Series A and Series B.


Growth Equity

02 Sustainability

We stand for sustainability

Sustainability and responsibility are at the core of our philosophy and everything we do. We fund beautiful companies with exceptional people and strong purpose-driven mission since we are convinced it is the winning combination for the future.


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