It’s (not) all about the money

We partner with people who are striving to build the most beautiful companies of the world (and we want to grab a few beers with)


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We believe that companies with founders who are exceptionally capable for execution can conquer the world

Partners also in bad times

We are walking the road together with you (= we answer to your calls also when s**t hits the fan)


We fund good people, not mining companies

Growth Equity

Money, Money, Money

Growth Equity

We invest in fast-growing Nordic and Baltic companies across sectors. We like companies which have proven their unit economics and scalability, already have a few million euros of revenue, and have exceptional founders ready to scale their companies. We usually invest initially 3-5 M€ in Series A and Series B.


What we expect

  • Proven unit economics and scalability
  • Over €5M revenue and rapid growth
  • Founders with exceptional capabilities for execution

The experience

Growth Partners

The right people to help entrepreneurs are entrepreneurs. With experience from +150 companies, we have succeeded and failed in every possible way. We want to share this experience with you and be there for you, no matter if you are growing faster than ever or going through painful times. All our Growth Partners have skin in the game: they have invested in our fund.


Who we are

  • Serial entrepreneurs with +10 founded companies
  • Investors with +25 exits and +15 bankruptcies
  • Curious people with never-ending hunger for learning
Growth Partners
Growth Support

Not a one-night stand

Growth Support

We will stand beside you also in tough times: whether it is help with a practical matter, strategic advice or just good company over a few beers, we got you covered. Our Growth Partners help you with sales, people, and product, and together with Evli, a listed Finnish boutique bank, we help you also to get the “boring stuff” right with attitude. We believe the only way to create long-term value is to run business in a sustainable way and we guide you to do that.


What we do

  • Create value beside you from investment to exit
  • Offer you concrete strategic and operational help when needed
  • Help you to create value in a sustainable way

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