Announcing our newest investment in digital-first furniture company Tylko

Evli Growth Partners leads the €22M Series C of Tylko, building a sustainable change in the furniture market

To us, Tylko represents a truly transformative storyThe company’s unique business model focusing on cutting-edge technology, premium design and high durability aims to set new standards across the industry. Over the past few years Tylko’s founders Jacek, Hania, Ben and Mikolaj have built a world-class team and an exceptionally strong brandTylko’s brand speaks especially to consumers who value long-lasting design and conscious consumption.

Customer experience and customization at the core

Starting from the design process Tylko’s customers are able to customize their furniture down to the last detail. The company’s intuitive online configurator and augmented reality Tylko App allow for simple yet special add-ons to the unique customer experience. Whether prioritizing for style, color, dimensions, storage capacity or all of the above, customization at Tylko flows from start to finish.  

Why is customization so important for Tylko? Simply put, to make sure the product lasts a lifetime – both in design and durability.  


Paving the way from fast furniture towards conscious consumption  

The company’s business model is highly scalable thanks to its unique proprietary software that automates the manufacturing process for its production partners. Production is done locally in Europe and sustainability is embedded across the supply chain from responsibly sourced materials, resource-efficient machinery and sustainable packaging. As highlighted by Mikko Kuitunen, Partner at EGP and Board Member at Tylko: 

“Tylko’s strong impact-driven vision and made-to-order business model drives the market’s transition towards more sustainable solutions. By optimizing material use, production efficiency and offering customers unique, long-lasting design we believe Tylko is positioned at the forefront of such a transition.” 

2x annual growth since inception with no signs of slowing down  

Since founded in 2015, Tylko’s sales have doubled every consecutive year and today, the company has served close to 60,000 satisfied customers. In 2020 Tylko’s revenues grew by 2.3x to €36M, reaching profitability in Q4. The company is showing no signs of slowing down as they aim to double down on sales and grow their team from 140 to 300 people this year.  

Looking ahead, the new funding round will support Tylko’s expansion in further markets and product categories. We at Evli Growth Partners are more than excited to start working together with the whole team at Tylko as well as co-investors Pitango GrowthTDJ Pitango, Experior Venture FundPaua Ventures and PPI. 


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